Each time new friends come into our lives through our little avenue of art that we named Castle Photographie, it’s a true joy.  Family photography sessions and all the fun of chasing little ones; romantic wedding days and all the moments of beauty in them; and whispering hello to sweet newborn babes just a few days new in their mommy and daddy’s arms.  Every once in a while, something unexpected comes our way.  A few weeks ago, there was this little note that came our way from a bride-to-be:  “We are very excited for our session on Saturday! We have a new puppy, a Saint Bernard, and we were wondering if it would be okay to bring her along for a couple photos?”   Meeting Sheanda and Garret and their sweet new puppy, Phoebe, was a morning filled with warm sunshine, sweet laughter and smiles, and a whole lot of puppy love!  They are both from Minnesota, and are living in Ohio during their studies at Ohio University.  Drew and I have a deep love for all things “Up North” (Wisconsin and Minnesota), so there was no shortage of topics of conversation!  Did I mention I came along on this particular session with Drew as a second shooter and the designated puppy holder?  Tough weekend assignment that Drew signed me up for.  This St. Bernard pup and all her snuggly fur, a gorgeous and fun couple, and getting asked to do a photography session in one of our favorite towns was a dream! By the time we celebrated a job well done with coffee on the patio at Donkey Coffee, we felt like we were simply laughing and visiting with dear friends that we had known for years.  Thank you , Sheanda and Garret, for inviting us into your lives to help share your love story!